Knowledge from Special Revelation (Scripture)

Know what God has revealed about Himself and mankind through Jesus and His Word


How to Interpret the Bible

A detailed presentation of the principles of Biblical Interpretation

The Three Pillars of Correct Bible Interpretation

A graph of how a Christian can objectively interpret the Bible by seeking the willed meaning of the authors from the text

Why Christians Disagree on Spiritual Matters

While there is great agreement among evangelical Christians on the essentials, apart from a lack of training in Biblical hermeneutics and exegesis, other factors can be at work to cause disagreements

The Trinity

A one-page study summarizing the scriptural basis of the triune nature of God

The Will of God

A one-page study that attempts to harmomize the many aspects of the will of God

The Equitable Judgment of God

The study of salvation with an emphasis on God's equity and impartiality in judgment

The Death of Christ

A two-page study summarizing the import of the death of Jesus Christ

The Resurrection of Christ

A two-page study summarizing the miraculous bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Holy Spirit

A detailed study on the person and work of the Holy Spirit

The Scriptures

A one-page study summarizing what the scriptures say about themselves

The Doctrine of Man

a two-page study summarizing the biblical doctrine of mankind


A detailed study on how God saves sinners from His just condemnation. It addresses salvation with respect to God, Christ, the sinner, election, grace, works, free will, faith, repentance, regeneration, baptism, and the essential content of the gospel.

Two Views of Salvation

A detailed comparison of a Calvinstic cause-effect model and an Arminian influence-response model, with more categories than the typical TULIP model

Harmonizing God's Sovereignty and Man's Free Will

A presentation of proper methodology and a survey of six models.

Two Extreme Views of Salvation: Lordship versus Free Grace

A short comparison of Lordship versus Free Grace salvation with a middle position that avoids these two extreme views.


A detailed study of faith's relationship to election, God's gifting, grace, evidence, reason, choice, belief, trust, sight, regeneration, confession and baptism.

Spirit Baptism

A detailed study of Holy Spirit baptism as occurring simultaneous to faith in Jesus Christ for all believers in this age and as distinct from water baptism

The Righteousness of the Believer

A one-page study of the righteousness of the Christian as described in Scripture

Judgment of the Believer

Three judgments of the Christian (keeping the table columns straight is vital)

Regeneration Follows Faith

A positive case for the logical order of salvation with scriptural implications for the meaning of "dead in sins". Also a critique of Wayne Grudem's article on regeneration and a Facebook debate with Calvinists.

Baptism Outline

A short study outline of baptism


A detailed study of baptism, including a critique of infant baptism and "occasion of salvation" water baptism

Baptism Quiz

A baptism quiz based on the Baptism study above, with answer code

Six Views of Water Baptism

A short summary of six basic views on water baptism

Baptism and the Covenants

A graphic comparison of Presbyterian paedobaptism with Baptist credobaptism

The Preservation of Scripture

A presentation on some of the key issues surrounding the preservation of scripture

The Preservation of Scripture

A short paper on some of the key issues surrounding the preservation of scripture

Four Views on the Preservation of Scripture

Have the scriptures been preserved over the generations? If so, how? Four views are compared.

Bible Differences

A detailed look at a sample of Bible differences with an overview of their underlying textual and translation theories

The Continuation and End of the Mosaic Law

My attempt to apply a consistent hermeneutical approach to harmonize the verses regarding how the Mosaic Law applies to New Covenant believers

Quiz on Ephesians

An eight-page quiz on the book of Ephesians, with answer code provided

Justification by Works--Thoughts on James 2:14-26

A presentation on James' justification with works, harmonized with Paul's justification without works

Speaking with Tongues

A non-cessationist, non-charismatic view of the sign and gift of tongues

Four Views on Tongues

A short comparison of four views on tongues

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ

A three-page study on the second coming of Jesus Christ

Three Basic Views on the Millenium

A graphic illustration of the three basic views on the thousand-year reign of Jesus Christ (Rev 20)

The Christian Eschatology Landscape

Some guidelines, definitions, and interpretational differences that have shaped Christian eschatology (study of last things)

Second Coming Glossary

Definitions of terms associated with the second coming of Jesus Christ

Eschatology Quiz

A short quiz based on the Second Coming Glossary, with answer code provided


A short critique of Preterism (Christ's coming is past) in comparison with progressive fulfillment

Two Major Views of Eschatological Fulfillment

A comparison of Dispensational Premillenialism with Covenant Amillennialism with an emphasis on the hermeneutical differences

Daniel's 70th Week

A graph of five different views of Daniel's 70th week

Does God Love All or Some?

This book by Ex-Calvinist Ronnie Rogers exposes the errors of Calvinism with sound reason and scriptural exegesis. The Calvinist concept of God is shown to be radically different from the concept of God presented in scripture.  

The Order of Faith and Election in John’s Gospel: You Do Not Believe Because You Are Not My Sheep

This article by Robert Hamilton offers an historically-grounded contextual exegesis of the election passages in John with greater explanatory power than the ideologically-driven Augustinian/Calvinist interpretation.  

Six Bad Habits of New Testament Scholars

YouTube video of Dr. Lydia McGrew explaining the fallacious thinking of many  contemporary New Testament scholars who prioritize genre over harmonization--even some "conservative scholars" wrongly contending that fictionalization and fabrication are consistent with historical reliability and/or inerrancy 

Big Book of Bible Difficulties

Drs Norman Geisler and Thomas Howe explain supposed Bible contradictions

Defending Inerrancy

A website intellectually defending the doctrine of Biblical inerrancy

S Lewis Johnson mp3 podcasts

Caveat: I don't agree with S. Lewis Johnson's Calvinist statements

Reading to Grow: A Field Guide to the Bible

Book by Bernard James Mauser

Reading to Grow: A Field Guide to the Bible

Book by Bernard James Mauser

Exegetical Fallacies

Book by D.A. Carson

Basic Bible Interpretation

Book by Roy Zuck

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Book by William Klein, Craig Blomberg, and Robert Hubbard

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