Knowledge from General Revelation (Nature)

Understand the evidence for truth, knowledge, God, Jesus, and the Scriptures

Philosophical Foundations for a Christian Worldview 2023 Class Downloads

My class handouts and presentation from my 2023 Apologetics series at First Redeemer Church (with emphasis on the philosophical foundations for Theism)

Complete Apologetics 2022 Class Downloads

My class notes from my Christian Apologetics series at First Redeemer Church

If I could recommend only one resource written at the popular level to help Christians defend knowledge, objective truth, God, the possibility of miracles, the New Testament documents, Jesus, and the Bible, it would be Geisler and Turek's book I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist, along with Geisler and Jimenez' official study guide.

Why Believe the Bible?

A 15-step outline for defending Biblical Christianity from the ground up, which can also serve as an apologetics course outline

Evidence for Faith

My Evidence for Faith class color slides on apologetics and bibliology. Many slides are from the I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist Power Point Package.  

Evidence for Faith (EFF) class at North Lanier Church in 2017

MP3 podcasts and handouts from a nine-session bootcamp I taught on Apologetics and Bibliology. Note: This class was taught to a Christian audience. I would not use Bible references in the early segments if it was aimed at a nonChristian audience.


To download mp3 files, after you click link below, right click on the sound bar and click "save audio as" to save file to your device.

EFF 1. Faith and Reason

Mp3 audio recording (class notes in section below)

EFF 2. Truth and Knowledge

Mp3 audio recording (class notes in section below)

EFF 3. Arguments for God's Existence

Mp3 audio recording not available at this time. See handouts from EFF 3 class below

EFF 4. The Problem of Evil

Mp3 audio recording (class notes in section below)

EFF 5. Miracles and the Authenticity of the New Testament Documents

Mp3 audio recording (class notes in section below)

EFF 6. The Truthfulness of the New Testament Documents

Mp3 audio recording (class notes in section below)

EFF 7. Jesus of Nazareth and His View of Scripture

Mp3 audio recording (class notes in section below)

EFF 8. The Bible as the Word of God

Mp3 audio recording (class notes in section below)

EFF 9. How to Interpret the Bible

Mp3 audio recording (class notes in section below)

Why Believe the Bible?

In reverse order, defending Biblical Christianity from the top down by asking "why" until the epistemological bedrock foundation is reached.

Why Believe the Bible?

A concise six-step argument defending Biblical Christianity from the ground up

We Can Know

Today, Christians are often viewed as having only preferences and opinions. But Christianity is about truth and the knowledge of God

The Four Pillars of Knowledge

A graph of how Christians can have a philosophically, theologically, and spiritually  robust body of knowledge

Philosophical Arguments

A short explanation of philosophical arguments (the means of rational persuasion) and an exercise with answer code

Six Arguments for God's Existence

A one-page summary of six arguments for the existence of a transcendent God (God made all) which refutes atheism (No God at all) and pantheism (God is all)

The Teleological Argument for God's Existence

The intricate fine-tuning of physics for life is best explained by design, versus chance or necessity

Can Darwinism Explain New Life Forms?

Short edited excerpt from Dr. Stephen Meyer's book, Darwin's Doubt. Charles Darwin had concerns about his own theory being capable of explaining new life forms. The latest scientific discoveries have justified his concerns.  

The Problem of Evil

If an all-knowing, all-powerful, all-good God exists, why does evil exist?

Answering Objections to the Moral Argument for God's Existence

Objective moral values and duties exist and demand a moral Law-giver. All objections to this truth fail.

Certainty and Necessity

Divine foreknowledge and human libertarian freedom are logically compatible. The fallacy of conflating certainty with necessity leads to open theism or theological fatalism/determinism.

Philosophical Considerations on Origins

Some basic guidleines regarding the intersection of Biblical and scientific interpretations

Three Views of Origins

Three Christian views of the creation of the universe and life are compared

I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

In this book, Norman Geisler and Frank Turek give a step by step argument for Christianity. You also can order a workbook and curriculum. A must-read for Christians living in an skeptical, anti-Christian world

Answering the Tough Questions about Life and God

This thoughtful audio (mp3) series by Ken Boa is presented in 19 lectures on various "tough questions" about life and God

Welcome to College

In this book, Jonathan Morrow, director of Impact 360 Institute, writes what Dr. J.P. Moreland says is "The single best volume I have ever read for preparing students to follow Jesus and flourish as His disciples in college."

Apologetics 315

A wealth of apologetics resources, including free mp3 podcasts

Thoughtful, cutting-edge apologetics and evangelism resources


The website of William Lane Craig who politely demolishes the atheist's best arguments with logical precision and thoroughness

One-Minute Apologist

Quick credible answers to tough questions, answered by today's best defenders of the faith


Frank Turek, lecturer at college campuses and churches, is always informative and entertaining

Stand to Reason

Greg Koukl's clear thinking and conversational tactics are a powerful combination for helping people overcome objections to Christianity

Cold-Case Christianity

Ex-atheist and homicide detective J. Warner Wallace uses the principles of cold-case investigations to show the evidential credibility of the Christian faith

The Discovery Institute

Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture advances the understanding that human beings and nature are the result of intelligent design rather than a blind and undirected process

Virtual Office of Richard G. Howe

Richard G. Howe is Professor Emeritus of philosophy and apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary. He is a popular speaker and author who lives in Cumming, GA

Pluralism, Relativism, and Tolerance

Dick Keys' great article on L'Abri Fellowship website. An audio of this message can be found on

The Absolute Truth About Relativism

In this book, Dr. Jefrey Breshears calls postmodern relativism the fundamental heresy of our time and then proceeds to logically dismantle it

Stephen C.

Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of Signature in the Cell and Darwin's Doubt, rebuts Darwinism with recent scientific evidence

Programming of Life

A video about biology and information sciences that powerfully demonstrates the inadequacy of Neo-Darwinism as a plausible explanation for life

The Areopagus

A Christian Study Center led by historian Dr. Jefrey Breshears who holds classes in the North Metro-Atlanta area

Satan's Bookshelf

Dr. Jefrey Breshears critiques the worst books written in modern history. This series helps to explain why we find ourselves in post-Christian America. Be sure to click older entries to get all the mp3 podcasts.

Introduction to Philosophy: A Christian Perspective

Book by Norman Geisler and Paul Feinberg. What is knowledge? What is reality? What is the ultimate? What is good or right?

Also, see resources under The Case for Apologetics page

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